About the five of us

Why do things by half?


So every blog needs an “About us” section. When I added the image about as a representation of my family I realised I had actually succumbed to the devil – I have actually made a “My Family” sticker. I thought about getting rid of it but I think it’s quite funny. Why the angst against the horrendously popular “My Family” stickers – I’m not entirely sure, perhaps it’s the stereotype that gets me. I mean look above…

First we have Susan – the pregnant one – she never actually stands like that. It’s more a slouch at the moment with a waddle for a walk.

Then we have me, Zoe, anyone who knows me understands that I would never wear a dress like that. Or a dress at all come to think of it.

Josie the dog – the excitable, spirited Australia cattle dog who would NEVER stand that still. EVER. Jump/run/sit/scratch/lick your elbow/chew her arse/chase the car/bark/sit/lick/beg for food/check the garden – now that’s more like it.

Patrick and Ned – the silhouettes are not that bad really. However, the only time they ever sit like that is when it’s feeding time. Will sit for food is pretty much their only mantra.

So that’s us – the not so perfect family (for many reasons) who are basically nothing like that image.

Enjoy – oh and leave me comments – they warm my cockles. Even you mum, I know you may be the only one who comments, but you have to, that’s what mums do.


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