Love is what we all need

(Note: It’s been a while since I wrote on this, but you can forgive me for being a little busy. I promise to share a few anecdotes of life so far, fairly soonish.)


Dear Matilda and Emma,

Something really bad happened recently. A really bad man ended the lives of lots of people in America. You may ask why he did this, all I can say is he had a lot of hate and was a man who couldn’t see past the fog he created in his own mind.

I’m so glad you are too little to know about this bad man and what he did, but I worry that I will have to explain about this type of thing in the future.

Sometimes I really worry about the world you will live in. We are killing the earth, we have created wars, we don’t really speak to each other and we base our lives on what we think we should be.

This man made me realise I have a very important lesson for you. It’s called love.

Love is a feeling that is hard to explain, but it comes in many different forms.

Unfortunately, sometimes love can also get you in trouble.

For example, if you love someone who is already in love with another person, that can be a bad thing. If you love someone and they don’t love you back, that can be painful. If you love someone who keeps doing bad things to you, then it’s time to stop and re-evaluate the situation.

The main example I want to talk about is what happened in America.

This man killed people because he did not love. He hated.

He hated people who love people of their own sex. He also hated them because they were of a different religion. This man would have hated your mothers. He would have hated us because we love each other, and to be honest, we can’t help that. (Even though your mummy, does drive me crazy sometimes.)

I want you both to never hate, I want you to only love.

There is a lot of hate in this world already, we don’t need anymore.


Unfortunately we can’t avoid hate, and I am always worried that you will experience this.

You have two mothers and that might make someone hate you and us, but that’s ok, they don’t know us and they don’t know how much our family loves each other. What is not ok is for you to hate them.  What you need to do is educate people, so take the time to explain and give you side of the story. Use facts, information and keep your emotions in check. If they still hate you, then that’s fine, just walk away and let them be.

We can’t all be the same, and that’s a good thing.

Love is a very complicated thing, and I am pretty sure I will have a lot of explaining to do on the subject in the future, but for now, understand that it is a good thing.

Never hate, just love.





2 thoughts on “Love is what we all need

  1. She had a way with words our Zoe. She’d been to college you know ! With apologies to Capstick – beautiful thoughts (they come first) and words. Proud of you. We do think about you when things like this happen around the world. Love you all Dad XXXX Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 04:07:39 +0000 To:

  2. So true Zoe! If only a few more ‘fundamentalists ‘ who use religion as their cover up for violence and killing. Perhaps our generation were luckier with Flower Power. Who knows what the answer is I don’t, but love and family seems like a very good startxx

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